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Serial Port Monitor

Serial Port Monitor is a professional software solution that gives you a way to seamlessly monitor the activity of any serial port available in your system. The application is helpful in developing, testing and debugging COM port software and devices. It has an intuitive interface and is extremely easy to use.
Serial Port Monitor is fully compatible with Windows 10 (32-bit and 64-bit)

Filter captured data

COM Port Monitor offers the advanced filtering option. By setting up the monitoring filters you can track only the events you are interested in. This RS232 Sniffer lets you filter IOCTL and IRP requests. What’s especially convenient is that monitoring data can be shown in several viewing modes at a time. There are table, line, dump, and terminal data visualizers.

Track communications of multiple serial ports at a time

The program provides the ability to monitor one, two, or several serial interfaces within one session. This means you can test the COM port’s interactions with multiple devices and applications simultaneously. All communications data is recorded in a single log using the first-in, first-out method.

Record Modbus data to a file

In addition to monitoring RS232, RS422, and RS485 serial communications, the software allows reading Modbus data transferred between devices you’re testing. Serial Port Monitor helps you capture and analyze Modbus RTU and ASCII messages.

Emulate sending serial data

You can use our RS232 Logger to forward some data (it can be in a string, binary, octal, decimal, or hexadecimal format) to a port that is being monitored as though it were sent from a certain application. Thanks to this feature, you can see how a device connected to this port reacts to particular commands.

Analyze serial port activity

Serial Port Analyzer was developed to perform serial monitoring, displaying, and logging a system’s serial communication transmission. This RS232 monitor displays exactly the subset of serial data that interests you. Advanced filters let you eliminate unnecessary data, making it easier to concentrate on the information you need.

Compare monitoring sessions

To get more precise monitoring results, you can send the same data to the monitored port again. If you want to compare your current session with the one you saved earlier, simply select “Compare session” in the main menu and load the previously saved session to see the differences and troubleshoot COM port if needed.

Purchase Serial Port Monitor

Basic functionality for monitoring real and virtual serial ports.
Advanced feature set for logging COM port data and controlling serial communications.
The license for large development groups that allows the software to be installed on 10 workstations, with PRO features enabled.
If you are interested in electronic engineering or have a non-commercial project or a hobby that involves using COM port devices and software, we will gladly provide you with a free license for our advanced Serial Port Monitor.

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Serial Port Monitor Integration

Whether you're looking at embedded Serial Port Monitor solution as a part of your product you can consider Serial Port Monitor ActiveX as a component for implementation.
Find out more about SMP AX  
What others say
Electronic Team's Serial Port Monitor with the capability of "sniffing" open serial ports on Windows platform was the best tool to do the job. Now I can see in realtime the protocol flow and understand the documentation, saving me a lot of trial and error while programming. I'm very happy of having found this piece of software.
To conclude, Electronic Team's Serial Port Monitor is a great product that works very well and is feature-packed. I would, personally, highly recommend it to anyone involved in embedded electronics. The user interface is well designed, the program is responsive, intuitive and feature-rich.
This software is perfect for when you are developing an application that has a massive amount of information going through the Serial Port. I am currently using it to analyze diagnostic data from one project. Is is great that you can easily save messages for a later use in its own .spm file format.
Surprisingly, this non-intrusive serial monitor tool can even be connected to a COM port already opened by an application to start analyzing the serial port activity. Moreover, the serial port sniffer has a unique functionality of simultaneously monitoring multiple COM ports?

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