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Serial Port Monitor
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    I’m Jon Kinne, and I evaluated navigation programs for sailing on behalf of CustomWare, a company which develops an extensive selection of systems and softwares for many different applications.

    While working on the navigation program, I couldn’t figure out whether the program was correctly connecting and disconnecting from the serial ports. It was very important that I knew the IRP’s time sequence without losing it amidst the massive volumes of data I was working with overall.

    I had previously been using Electronic Team’s Serial Port Driver and liked it, so I decided to try their Serial Port Monitor after seeing it on their website.

    It was one of the best decisions I made. Thanks to the SPM, I was able to appropriately filter the data, and handle numerous data streams moving through the navigation program on multiple serial ports.

    Serial Port Monitor by Electronic Team, Inc. made it possible for me to quickly and easily see the operations across several serial ports carrying data to the navigation program. Without them, I don’t want to think about all of the time I would have wasted trying to diagnose issues that SPM by Electronic Team, Inc. helped me identify in moments.
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    My name is David, and I’m an electronics hobbyist. I wanted to share my experience using Electronic Team’s awesome Serial Port Monitor when I was developing a gadget for the personal computer industry. It started when I was in need of a software that could record activity on a PC serial port. The specific project involved the use of a Microchip PIC device that could receive mobile phone SMS messages, and then send a response back to the original sender.

    This was when I discovered Electronic Team’s Serial Port Monitoring software. This awesome, intuitive SPM helped with monitoring and saving the messages flowing between the software and the mobile phone, as well as then monitoring and saving the messages transferred between the PIC and the phone.

    While I had tried other products, none of them could compare to the ease of use and pleasant UI that I experienced with Serial Port Monitoring by Electronic Team, Inc. Without Electronic Team’s awesome product, I would have never been able to analyze the important facets of my mobile phone communication software.

    I can’t wait to create many more projects in the future with the help of Electronic Team’s Serial Port Monitor- and the other products they provide that I’m eager to try.
    • (4.8), 
    I had been looking for a method to have my JS application communicate to a PLC via the MODBUS RTU protocol. While I was able to communicate the PLC through MODBUS TCP protocol, I was unable to revise the code to function with the MODBUS RTU and so they have not been able to locate each other.

    Multiple attempts to connect my PLC to the MODBUS RTU ended with time-out errors unless I rebooted the unit. Obviously I was frustrated and desperate for a solution.

    I eventually came across the Serial Port Monitor from Electronic Team after trying dozens of options, including multiple MODBUS emulators, with no luck at all. I found that the Serial Port Monitor from Electronic Team helped me analyze exactly where the COM port error was coming from, and helped me figure out how to establish communication with MODBUS RTU.

    This Serial Port Monitor also hosts a plethora of features that made other aspects of my javascript application more efficient. As a student ready to break into the field of software development, I’m glad that I found this professional SPM software that makes my future career easier and more efficient.
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